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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Graphite mining, processing and exporting company for over 150 years in Sri Lanka.

Our company is a subsidiary of Graphit Kropfmühl GmbH which hold stakes in mines in Africa and Asia in effort to ensure the supply of raw material. The GK group is world renowned as one of the oldest group companies operating in the Republic of Germany for over 150 years. You may please access to the web site of our parent company for more information.

We are the worlds significant vein graphite producer and have been exporting our products to countries such as USA, UK, Japan, India, Pakistan and Germany to name a few. We have contributed significantly to quality and productivity improvements in the industry especially those resulting from the special characteristics of our graphite. We are pleased to state that we are geared to provide technical expertise from our Group R&D department in Germany, to offer solutions to problems faced by the use of graphite.

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