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Already more than 2,000 years ago the Celts used graphite in the production of fireproof ceramics, and in today's fireproof industry graphite still plays an important role due to its high resistance to oxidation, its outstanding thermal conductivity, and its chemically inert behaviour.


Large flake graphite with a well pronounced crystal structure are the guarantee for the long service life and the high quality of crucibles, where graphite also reduces the formation of deposits and slag. Graphite also is used as covering material for high-quality molten metal - for example, high-purity flake graphite is used in copper production.


Graphite is an important component of many fireproof materials, the type of which primarily is used in the metal-production industry. Both in magnesite bricks for furnace lining, and in continuous casting gutters, or mould compounds, graphite as a highly-resistant thermal conductivity additive is a fixed part of the ceramic formulas.

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